Mistakes that Make Your Home Look Smaller

Thanks to the soaring prices of properties, every inch of the home needs to be utilized completely. Here is a list of some things that usually go wrong while decorating a home & making it look smaller. Avoid these mistakes and get the most out of your every square foot.

Matching everything:

Decorating every aspect of your room in the same colours, fabrics and patterns blends everything in each other; and everything visually becomes one. Bring variation by mixing styles for cushions, upholstery and curtains. If you want a co-ordinated décor, keep the same theme either for walls or furnishing, but not both.navy-walls-and-trim

Using dark colours:

Avoid using dark colour wallpaper or paint to decorate your walls. Dark colours absorb more lights making rooms look smaller. Using light colours will make the spaces feel airy and open.


Misplacing furniture:

Whoever has ever owned the furniture will surely understand the pain of arranging it. Pushing all of your furniture against the wall is not a good idea. Empty centre of the room makes the whole space feel smaller. Arrange the furniture away from the walls in a strategic way with cosy groupings.White-and-Grey-Living-Room-Livingetc-Housetohome

Overdose of ornaments:

Those knicky-knacky pieces you think make your home adorable, might actually be making it look cluttered. Stop littering every surface of a room. Instead, you can create seasonal display of minimal items and change them regularly.

Bad lighting:

A single source of light, which is common in many homes, makes the room feel smaller. Keep two to three light sources in your home; the light will bounce off the walls and will make your home look bigger.



Buying your first home? Here are the extra expenses you need to consider

The journey of finding a home to putting your nameplate on it needs a careful planning; especially, if you are a first time homebuyer. Along with the actual cost of a home, there are many associated expenses that you need to take into consideration. Here is a list of expenses homebuyers often forget to take into account.  Keep these expenses in mind so you won’t jumble your finances.

  • stamp_dutyStamp Duty and registration: You have to make provision for stamp duty and registration in your budget. The amount of stamp duty and registration may vary depending upon the size and location of your home.
  • Moving cost: Household shifting and moving to a new place can be both expensive and cost-effective. The distance, the size and quantity of your households will determine the cost of shifting. 
  • Renovation: Whether you are buying a new home or the resale property, there can be some itsy-bitsy changes you would like to make. It could be changing the paint of your bedroom or fixing up the leaky faucets. While inspecting your potential home, make a note of the changes you will be making before moving in. If these are the major changes like installing home partition, changing bathroom tiles, POP and ceiling design or so, it will easily cost you in a lot.
  • Home insurance: As home is an investment for a lifetime, many of the homeowners opt for the home insurance. Though home insurance is not an expense but the security, don’t forget to make provisions to accommodate your home insurance needs.
  • Buffer cash: No matter how meticulously you plan your home purchase, there can be some expense which may arise out of the blue. What if you had budget of 50 thousand for the renovation and the bill exceeded to 70K? What if you have to pay more for ownership transfer because your new society has changed the rules? What if you have to hire packers and movers twice because you have more belongings? There can be expenses which you didn’t plan for, but have to bear anyhow. So, always keep some cash in buffer for such unexpected expenses.

Apart from these major expenses, getting electricity bill transferred on your name, buying a new gas connection, changing addresses in banks, transferring your internet connection, installing DTH and many such small things pile up and take away a considerable amount and time. Keeping in mind all these expenses will save you from the financial trouble, and your dream home will turn into reality without any disappointment.

Create a Bathroom Retreat with These Tips

Planning to revamp your bathroom? Here are some amazing ideas to help you create a beautiful bath retreat.

  • Tiles: Bathroom tiles not only give your bathroom a refreshing look, but also keep it hygienic. Tiles keep your walls safe from moist and dampness. Use a combination of small and big sized tiles to create variations in the design. Choose a color that will not show the water stains and spots.2
  • Fixtures: Sink, faucets, showerheads, toilet seats, hand showers, geyser and every fixture in your bathroom contributes in creating a pleasant ambience.  Make sure that you choose high quality fixtures. There are different types of bathroom fixtures available in the market. Choose a design that will complement your bathroom’s ambience. Storage also plays a key role in keeping bathroom tidy. Create enough storage space with cabinets, cupboards and shelves.

    Think both, usability and beauty.

    Think both, usability and beauty.

Lights: strike a balance between bright and soothing lights in the bathroom. Lights in the bathroom should be bright enough to shave, put on makeup, and do other chore. There should also be some soothing lights that will create a relaxing ambience. These lights should be able to withstand a humid environment. Hidden lights in the bathroom are in trend these days. You can also install key lights over the mirror and above the shower.

  • 10Curtains: Take your bathroom décor to a new level with the bathroom curtains. Different types lace shower curtains, ruffled curtains, crystals curtains will create your dream bathroom without causing a fortune. Curtains in the bathroom have to withstand humidity, soapy water, hair sprays and many more. So choose the fabric, length and style of curtains wisely. While buying curtains, choose the ones which are easy to clean and dry quickly.
  • Electronic Gadgets and appliances: Installing a music player has become a common phenomenon these days.  Music can change the ambience of your bathroom instantly. Along with a music player, there is a wide range of electronic bathroom appliances available in the market to convert your bathroom into a high-tech thrilling zone.
  • 14

    If it is clean, it is awesome!

    Cleanliness and hygiene: No one likes messy and smelly bathroom.  No matter how beautiful curtains you have, and how elegant tiles are installed, if there is no hygiene maintained, your every morning will be miserable. Keep bathroom surface as dry as possible. Make sure your bathroom is properly ventilated. Toss empty shampoo bottles, toothpaste tubes and useless chunk immediately. Keep the sanitation supplies such as sanitizer, toilet papers, soaps, towels easily available. Installing bathroom fragrance dispenser will keep your bathroom smelling clean and fresh.

Decorate Your Rental Apartment to Make It a ‘Home’

Even if you are living in a rental home, it doesn’t mean you cannot decorate it to make it look yours. Give your rental apartment a personalized touch that will create the feeling of being ‘at home’. Of course, it is not wise (and generally not allowed) to undertake major reconstructions at rental apartments, but there are some small ideas you can apply to make your rental house a ‘home’.

  • Revamp with drapery: Changing soft furnishings like curtains, cushions, rugs can give your apartment a personal touch. There are different types of curtains available in the market to choose from. Moreover, if the flooring is discolored or stained, lay a carpet or rug over it.

    Attractive drapery would simply change the scenario of your home.

    Attractive drapery would simply change the scenario of your home.

  • Become a minimalist: Rental homes are temporary addresses; so be patient and try not to buy too many things. A few essential pieces of furniture, choosing quality over quantity and de-cluttering the home regularly will make your home pleasant and welcoming, even though it is a rental property.
  • Spruce up the walls: No don’t worry about making holes in the wall. There are many alternatives like masking tapes, sticky hangers, wires that won’t damage the wall but decorate it. If you love DIY, try some handmade Décor.

    Bring nature in your home.

    Bring nature in your home.

  • Add greenery & Change the lighting: Terrariums are great ways to bring nature inside the home without blocking the space with huge and heavy plant containers. Changing old lighting and lamps will also give your home a fresh look.
  • Wallpaper Magic: This is the best option at your disposal to decorate your rental apartment without annoying the landlord. Wallpaper can really change the entire ambience of your home. Just choose the colors wisely that will compliment the ‘already existing’ furniture and other fixtures at your rental home. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about paint spills and splatters.

    Spend less, decorate more!

    Spend less, decorate more!

Whether owned or the rental one, a home is an important place indeed. Follow these simple techniques and create a space that will feel like a ‘home’ and not a rental property.

Inexpensive decoration ideas for your home

Don’t let a shoestring budget stop you from designing a home of your dreams. We have got some amazing ideas to help you create an ultimate livable space without pinching your pocket.

  • Wow factor: Get a wow factor in your home. The wow factor is what sets your home apart from the rest. It can be done with a piece of art, feature lighting or even an unusual clock on the wall.1
  • Keep it less: Don’t overfill your home with random gift articles, sculptures and such stuff. Keep minimal things that will reflect a high taste for life and match your interior.
  • Paint! Paint!! Paint!!!: A coat of paint can change the ambiance of any room. Check out some amazing wall painting ideas here.1 (2)
  • Bring nature inside: Go to the nursery and get a nice plant for your home. If you live in a big house, you can think of decorating your home with 2-3 plants. Just make sure that you trim and clean them regularly so your home doesn’t looks like an unmaintained garden.3 (2)
  • Look down: We think so much about walls and ceiling that sometimes we forget that we have to look underfoot as well. If there are any discolored tiles, you can hide them with strategically placed rugs. A new carpet will give you home a new look.
  • Light it up: The correctly positioned lights will definitely make your home look better. Get some out-of-the box decorative lighting ideas to decorate your home.
  • A well kept home: A neat, tidy and well kept home is always inviting. It may sound cliché, but when everything is in its place, your home really looks better. You don’t have to maintain a hotel-like spotlessness; just make sure that the things are not always lying around the home.2

5 Things to keep in mind while buying a house in India!

When financially settled, many of us plan to buy a new house. If you are one of them and ready to make one of the biggest purchases of your life, it is essential for you to know when is the optimal time to enter the real estate market for house hunt.

Catching the right time can make your home purchasing process much smoother, convenient, and most importantly, affordable. The ideal time optimizes your chances of buying an ideal home at the best price. So, when is that ‘best time’? Continue reading