Tips to accentuate your home with decorative lighting ideas!

You have trendy furniture at home. You always keep your home neat and tidy, and change curtains, sofa covers, and rugs regularly. Even the walls get a fresh coat of paint every year. But, you still feel that something is missing. Perhaps, it is time to look at the lighting of your home.

When we say interior decoration, many people keep their attention limited to furniture, carpentry and walls, and ignore the importance of lights. Placement and type of lights can change the ambience of any room within seconds. Here are some decorative ideas and tips to light up your home and increase its curb appeal.

  • Use multiple lights:


Instead of using one high voltage light source, use multiple lights at home. In the kitchen, for instance, you can use under counter lights. Adjustable necks and lamps can be used to light up any specific object such as a wall painting or show-pieces at home.

  • Different activities, different lights:

5 (1)

Do you use your living room for reading or most of the time you watch TV? If you read a lot in the living room, you will need adequate light to read with ease. On the other hand, if you relax in living room while watching TV, you need overall illumination with dimmers. Additionally, make sure that the light will not reflect on the TV screen.

  • Pendant lighting:

1 (1)

The use of pendant lights over a kitchen sink, dining area or bathroom vanity will prove beneficial as these lights illuminate larger area without consuming space. Hang these lights 32 to 40-inches over the dedicated area. You can use hemp string, bamboo orb or stainless steel pendant lights that will not only illuminate the area but also give a unique touch to your interior.

  • Dark paint? Use more lights:


Rooms with dark paint absorb more light than those with light color. Use high voltage bulbs and supplement these rooms with additional lights.

  • Chandeliers:

2 (1)

They are the best classic light fixtures that every home should have. Nothing can make your room look better than a dazzling chandelier. While buying a chandelier, keep in mind the size of your room and the type of furniture installed. Chandeliers come in many styles and designs. So, you have countless options to pick the perfect one that will go smoothly with your interior.


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