Inexpensive decoration ideas for your home

Don’t let a shoestring budget stop you from designing a home of your dreams. We have got some amazing ideas to help you create an ultimate livable space without pinching your pocket.

  • Wow factor: Get a wow factor in your home. The wow factor is what sets your home apart from the rest. It can be done with a piece of art, feature lighting or even an unusual clock on the wall.1
  • Keep it less: Don’t overfill your home with random gift articles, sculptures and such stuff. Keep minimal things that will reflect a high taste for life and match your interior.
  • Paint! Paint!! Paint!!!: A coat of paint can change the ambiance of any room. Check out some amazing wall painting ideas here.1 (2)
  • Bring nature inside: Go to the nursery and get a nice plant for your home. If you live in a big house, you can think of decorating your home with 2-3 plants. Just make sure that you trim and clean them regularly so your home doesn’t looks like an unmaintained garden.3 (2)
  • Look down: We think so much about walls and ceiling that sometimes we forget that we have to look underfoot as well. If there are any discolored tiles, you can hide them with strategically placed rugs. A new carpet will give you home a new look.
  • Light it up: The correctly positioned lights will definitely make your home look better. Get some out-of-the box decorative lighting ideas to decorate your home.
  • A well kept home: A neat, tidy and well kept home is always inviting. It may sound cliché, but when everything is in its place, your home really looks better. You don’t have to maintain a hotel-like spotlessness; just make sure that the things are not always lying around the home.2

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