Christmas Decoration Ideas That Will Top Your Neighbours House

Dress up every inch of your house for the Christmas Party with these clever ideas. This article is packed up with smart tricks and chic holiday tips to make your home steal all the limelight in the lane.

  • Gift wrapping

Ditch that shiny and glittering gift wrapping paper and go for brown paper to wrap your Christmas presents. Add a touch of Christmas to it with a red ribbon, Christmas bells and pines.

  • Christmas wrath

Put a fresh spin on a Christmas wreath. Have a green Christmas with eco-friendly wreaths from reusable materials like fruits and plants, neckties, grapevine, twigs, and pinecones, wine corks, etc.

  • Christmas Tree

Living in a small house does not give you the liberty to decorate a large Christmas tree. Instead, decorate your in-house regular plants with Christmas ornaments, lights and clippings.

  • Lighting

4b9fcb45990b670b1aa7e53498056f0ePicking colors strategically can really pay off. Use blue, red and green lights that will separate the landscaping from the facade. You can also use some old-fashioned Christmas lights with oversized bulbs — plus twinkling candles— and add some serious curb appeal.

  • Santa Chairs

Use these simple yet charming chair toppers to add some colour to your dining room. You can also tie a bow around your throw pillows, and they’ll look just like Christmas gifts!

  • Chalk it up

Welcome your guests at the party with chic chalkboard sign. You can also write some messages on these boards like Happy Holidays, Joy to the World, Merry Christmas, and so on.

Plan a Perfect Housewarming Party with These Tips

Diwali is considered an auspicious occasion to move into a new home. If you too have moved in a new house recently, festival of Diwali is the best time for you to organize a housewarming party. Here are some tips to host a perfect party that will double up your celebration.
111• Decide a theme: selecting a theme will help you to decorate your home according to it and plan a menu that will complement the theme. As it is a festive season, choose bright colors, diyas and lanterns to decorate your home.

  • Set a budget: It is very easy to get carried away while hosting a Housewarming party. Especially in a festive season, this party can add up a huge expenditure. Therefore, set a budget beforehand and stick to it no matter what.
  • Preserve the memories: Hang a whiteboard on the wall and ask your guests to write their experiences at the party, messages or wishes for you.
  • Use flowers: Flowers brings charm and grace at any occasion. Use different types of flowers at your home that will produce the fragrance, warmth and freshness.flower-diya
  • Music, games and firecrackers: Keep the momentum high in your housewarming party with the right type of music and engaging games. Get some firecrackers that will light-up your celebration.
  • Return gifts: Select thoughtful return gifts for your guests. Keep in mind that many people exchange gifts during Diwali. So, ditch the mainstream items like vase, tea sets, etc. and give something that your guests will really use and won’t land up in their bed storage.

Pretty Festive Decoration Ideas for Your House

As Navratri has already started and Diwali is just a few days away, it is time to give your house a booster of festive decoration. Apart from typical rangoli, diya and wall hanging decoration, try something new this year, and wow your guests.


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Entrance Door: As door is the first thing that gets noticed whenever someone enters the house, it goes without saying that it is the highlights of any festive decoration. Ditch ordinary decorative elements, and hang a stunning flower door basket on your door. Try different types of flowers to create an eye-catching entrance door.

Windows: Make your windows look colourful and glittery with different colours of fairy lights. You can accentuate it further by using a combination of flowers and lights. Wrap the lights around marigold flower garland and hang it on your windows.

11Living area: Create a fabulous centerpiece for your living room with some lights and transparent jar. Take up colourful fairy lights and roll them in a jar or vintage lantern, and place it on the tabletop or any place you want to accentuate. You can also wrap these lights around empty birdcage or put them in a fish bowl.

Personalized gift box: Exchanging gifts and sweets during festive season is very common trend. Creating personalized gifts could be a tiresome job. So, gift boxes are the best way to use your creativity. You can personalize the boxes by adding bright color lace or creating a star on it using variegated paper.


Make Your Work Desk Lively With These Plants

Are you stuck in a gray, gloomy cubicle when the nature is blooming just outside the office door? How about bringing in some greenery that is easy to maintain and will improve your mood?

Check out our list our list of five low-maintenance office plants that will cheer-up your desk.

  • Fishtail Fern51RXQJWeYRL

It is an evergreen plant that needs very little sunlight. Being an evergreen plant, it will keep its leaves throughout the year. Its pinnae (leaflets) tips are forked like a fish’s tail giving an unusual appearance.



    • Peace lily: Apart from increasing your desk’s aesthetic appeal, this plant also enhances the indoor air quality. These plants need little or no sunlight. Also, you will have to water them just once or twice in a week.
    • Aloe veraThis is an easy-to-grow plant that requires mild sunlight and slightly moist soil. This plant grows effortlessly in Indian weather conditions. You just need to keep this plant in windowsill for some time every day.

Lucky bamboo

  •  Grape Ivy

Low light, dry air and minimal watering is what this plant needs to thrive. This beautiful addition to your office-desk is also a great air-purifier.

  • Bamboo plant

Once potted correctly with satisfactory drainage, this plant will grow really well. The ideal place for this plant is where it will get indirect sunlight and will be away from air conditioners and heating sources. This is also considered as lucky plant.


Five commonly overlooked expenses while buying a home

Apart from the cost you will pay for actual house, there are many additional expenses that are essential to consider. Especially, if you’re stepping into the property market for the first time, unexpected costs can put a damper on your happiness and crack-up your budget.

So, here are five commonly overlooked expenses you shouldn’t overlook:

  • Moving costs:

Moving CostsWith so many things to look after, it’s possible to miss the cost of making the house move itself. As moving day approaches, you may be surprised to see how costs and fees start to mount up. To avoid last minute hurdle, finalize your packer & mover at least 15 days in advance. This will give you an idea of how much you’ll have to spend for shifting. If you are going to take help of your friends and relatives, confirm their availability before deciding a moving date.


  • Interior:

InteriorWhether you have bought a brand new house or resale one, keep aside some money to get your interior fixed. This includes charges of plumbing, pest control, fitting electronic appliances, fans, tubelights, mounting your TV, buying new furniture, fixing broadband, repairing jammed disposals, leaky faucets, and this list is endless.


  • Adjustment costsAdjustment costs: If your owner has made advance payments for property taxes, society maintenance, utility bills, etc., you will have to reimburse him for these payments. Some owners might also ask reimbursement for water tanks, mosquito nets, geysers, etc. or they will simply take it away while vacating the place.
  • Legal costs: Stamp duty and registration charges take away substantial amount. Furthermore, you will have to pay miscellaneous expenses like the fees of the notary and lawyers who get the job done.
  • Additional expensesAdditional expenses: Don’t let these expenses catch you off guard. Some societies might charge you to transfer the ownership of a house. You might have to pay electricity supplier, LPG supplier to get the connection transferred on your name. Consult your property advisor & service providers to understand the amount needed to get the ownership transferred on your name.

5 Brilliant Ways to Brighten-up Your Home in Monsoon

Yes, monsoon is all about getting drenched under waterfalls, spending lazy afternoons sitting in the window, and having ubiquitous pakoras with a hot cup of tea. But, along with this fun, monsoon also brings dull, grey weather, cloudy days and gloomy ambience. Here are 5 brilliant ways to burst the monsoon gloom and keep your home monsoon-friendly.


Add some green plants: Nothing can bring more liveliness in a house than vibrant green plants. Generally, all types of Indian plants grow faster and bloom in monsoon. Add some greenery in your home to instantly lift up the aura & mood.

Bright and colourful upholstery: It’s time to roll up your expensive carpet, curtains and other upholstery at home. Go for colourful and trendy items that are easy to clean and enhance the look. Pick colourful cushions in a mixture of solids and patterns for your sofa. Leaf green, aqua, turquoise,
fresh-curtain-combined-in-living-roomsunflower yellow are some recommended colours to liven up your home.

Scented candles: Sometimes a damp weather leads to foul moist smell at home that is tad difficult to remove. Keep some fragranced candles handy and light them when that foul smell is hard to ignore.


Let your home breath: Lack of ventilation results in dampness. Open your windows when rain takes a break. Ensure your doormat is at the place to avoid those muddy footprints. Let your home wear fabrics that are quick to wash and dry.

home-design-lighting-ideasProper lighting: Wipe out darkness with proper lighting. It can make a hell lot of difference in creating a lively and vibrant ambience. Make sure that the house is well-lit during prolonged rainy spells.

Mistakes that Make Your Home Look Smaller

Thanks to the soaring prices of properties, every inch of the home needs to be utilized completely. Here is a list of some things that usually go wrong while decorating a home & making it look smaller. Avoid these mistakes and get the most out of your every square foot.

Matching everything:

Decorating every aspect of your room in the same colours, fabrics and patterns blends everything in each other; and everything visually becomes one. Bring variation by mixing styles for cushions, upholstery and curtains. If you want a co-ordinated décor, keep the same theme either for walls or furnishing, but not

Using dark colours:

Avoid using dark colour wallpaper or paint to decorate your walls. Dark colours absorb more lights making rooms look smaller. Using light colours will make the spaces feel airy and open.


Misplacing furniture:

Whoever has ever owned the furniture will surely understand the pain of arranging it. Pushing all of your furniture against the wall is not a good idea. Empty centre of the room makes the whole space feel smaller. Arrange the furniture away from the walls in a strategic way with cosy groupings.White-and-Grey-Living-Room-Livingetc-Housetohome

Overdose of ornaments:

Those knicky-knacky pieces you think make your home adorable, might actually be making it look cluttered. Stop littering every surface of a room. Instead, you can create seasonal display of minimal items and change them regularly.

Bad lighting:

A single source of light, which is common in many homes, makes the room feel smaller. Keep two to three light sources in your home; the light will bounce off the walls and will make your home look bigger.


Keep Your Home Cool in Summer

Summer isn’t all about vacations, trips and ice-creams; it is also about sweat, humidity and rising temperature which turns your house into an oven. It is true that you don’t have control over the climbing mercury, but you can keep your home cool and comfortable even on the scorching days using these simple methods.

  • Become a fan of fan: Electric fans, ceiling fans, box fans, and exhaust fans… they are all available out there to cool down your home. Point box fans out the windows so they extract hot air.
  • Reduce indoor humidity: Minimize the tasks like midday washing and drying of clothes, and cooking on an open fire. If you can’t skip these household chores, turn on ventilating fans to remove warm, moist air.Hygrometer
  • Choose cotton: Ditch those satin, silk, or polyester sheets and switch to light-colored bed linens, drapes, curtains that are made of breathable lightweight cottonicefan-500x375
  • DIY Air-condition: use this trick to get a cool breeze without shooting up your electricity bills. Position a shallow pan or bowl full of ice and chilled water in front of a fan. The breeze will pick up cold water from the ice’s surface as it melts, creating a cooling mist.
  • Low is good: Hot air rises, so beat the heat by setting up your bed or cot as close to the ground as possible. If you live in a multi-floor apartment, sleep on the ground floor instead of an upper storey.
  • Turn off the lights: Light bulbs give off heat. Fortunately, in summer, light stays longer; sometimes even till 7.30-8 pm. Take advantage of these naturally extended lit hours and reduce the use of bulbs, tubelights, etc.light-switch-100593819-orig
  • Go Unplugged: Literally disconnect electronics. Do not have things running that don’t need to be on. Gadgets and other small appliances give off heat, even when turned off. So do not forget to unplug them.




HDFC awarded with ‘Best Home Loan Provider of the Decade’

7352_292964794221747_4374836849414998444_nHDFC Ltd. is honoured as a ‘Best Home Loan Provider of the Decade’ by CNBC Awaaz, one of the largest business channels in the country. The announcement was made at “10 Years of CNBC Awaaz Real Estate Awards” function held in The Trident, Mumbai. Mr. V. S. Rangan, Executive Director, accepted the award on behalf of HDFC Ltd.

HDFC Ltd. have already won ‘Best Home Loan Provider’ award from CNBC Awaaz for two consecutive years, and this year, the award has been given for being the best home loan provider of the decade.

It was a pleasant coincidence that HDFC Ltd. received the award on the same day the company celebrated 105th Birth Anniversary of Founder Chairman Mr. H. T. Parekh.

Chief Minister of Maharashtra Devendra Phadnavis marked his presence at the event as a chief guest. Prakash Mehta, Minister for Housing, Mining & Labour, Maharashtra was also present at the event.

The CNBC Awaaz Real Estate awards are one of the largest and the most respected awards on Real Estate and Housing in India.

Bring the Outdoors in

Looking for easy-to-do ways to make your home green? Breathe life in your home with low maintenance jar garden. No, we aren’t talking about those conventional pots but a terrarium –a miniature indoor garden inside a glass container.

It is a self-sustainable ecosystem that mimics nature’s own life. Closed terrariums create a warm environment for your plants, allowing moisture to recycle providing a consistent level of humidity. The closed lid lets water recycle itself, organic substance to be reused as plant food, and helps it to maintain its humidity.

Here is a step-by-step guide to make your own self-sustaining mini garden with terrarium.

What material you will need?

  • Pebbles
  • Charcoal
  • Baby tear/ Starfish / Aquamarine plant (Select any moisture loving house plants or even grasses, ferns and miniature shrubs are also fine)
  • Soil


4– Take a glass container with lid and wash it thoroughly.

– Then spread some pebbles at the base of container. It will provide drainage to the terrarium.

–  Make the second layer of charcoal, and then make a thick soil bed over it.

–  Place the plant in container and spread soil over its roots.

–  You can also place some toys in the container to decorate it. Once done, close the lid tightly.

Create some more containers and keep them in your balcony and windows. You can even keep them on your study table, kitchen shelf, and also hang them with wires and save some place.


Do not over-water the terrarium. Condensation is a sign that your plants are brathing. However, if you are worried, leave the lid open for a while. When the right humidity is established, a closed terrarium can go a month or more without watering. So, even if you are on-the-move or do not have time to look after your plants, you can still bring the outdoors in and make your home greener.