Make your home look better with these wall painting ideas!

Planning a makeover of your home? Throw some shine on the walls with these amazing painting ideas.

1. Stripes:

1 2 3

Stripes on the walls are just ‘in’ this season. You can choose a pattern which is uniformed in size or try

variations of different sizes and shapes. Just make sure that you choose the right color combination.

Stripes of bold colors are generally used for living rooms, whereas pastel colors are good for the


2. Partially painted walls:


If geometrical stripes are not your thing, try out partial painting on walls. You can either have a sharp

boundary between two paints, a purposely left unfinished brush stokes, or a shaded tone of paints. Here

are some ideas to get you started.

3. Textures:

2 Metallic-Texture-Paint

Make your walls look appealing with different wall textures. A beautifully textured wall can change the

look of your home. Explore huge variations of textures and pick the suitable one for your walls. Here are

a few ideas for you.

4. Graphics:


2 Cherry-blossom-tree-decal-wall-art

It is a great way to give your walls a unique touch with minimal time and money. Just appoint an

experienced painter who understands the challenges of painting graphics on walls. You can also buy

readymade graphic stickers that are available in various sizes and colors.

5. Murals:

2 Beautiful-Wall-Murals-Home-Interior-Design

Murals are an innovative way to revamp your walls. It is an art work which is directly painted on the

surface of the wall or ceiling. Mural painting is a tricky job. So, get help of professionals to décor your

walls with murals. Choose a design or theme that will complement your interior.


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