Mistakes that Make Your Home Look Smaller

Thanks to the soaring prices of properties, every inch of the home needs to be utilized completely. Here is a list of some things that usually go wrong while decorating a home & making it look smaller. Avoid these mistakes and get the most out of your every square foot.

Matching everything:

Decorating every aspect of your room in the same colours, fabrics and patterns blends everything in each other; and everything visually becomes one. Bring variation by mixing styles for cushions, upholstery and curtains. If you want a co-ordinated décor, keep the same theme either for walls or furnishing, but not both.navy-walls-and-trim

Using dark colours:

Avoid using dark colour wallpaper or paint to decorate your walls. Dark colours absorb more lights making rooms look smaller. Using light colours will make the spaces feel airy and open.


Misplacing furniture:

Whoever has ever owned the furniture will surely understand the pain of arranging it. Pushing all of your furniture against the wall is not a good idea. Empty centre of the room makes the whole space feel smaller. Arrange the furniture away from the walls in a strategic way with cosy groupings.White-and-Grey-Living-Room-Livingetc-Housetohome

Overdose of ornaments:

Those knicky-knacky pieces you think make your home adorable, might actually be making it look cluttered. Stop littering every surface of a room. Instead, you can create seasonal display of minimal items and change them regularly.

Bad lighting:

A single source of light, which is common in many homes, makes the room feel smaller. Keep two to three light sources in your home; the light will bounce off the walls and will make your home look bigger.



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