Christmas Decoration Ideas That Will Top Your Neighbours House

Dress up every inch of your house for the Christmas Party with these clever ideas. This article is packed up with smart tricks and chic holiday tips to make your home steal all the limelight in the lane.

  • Gift wrapping

Ditch that shiny and glittering gift wrapping paper and go for brown paper to wrap your Christmas presents. Add a touch of Christmas to it with a red ribbon, Christmas bells and pines.

  • Christmas wrath

Put a fresh spin on a Christmas wreath. Have a green Christmas with eco-friendly wreaths from reusable materials like fruits and plants, neckties, grapevine, twigs, and pinecones, wine corks, etc.

  • Christmas Tree

Living in a small house does not give you the liberty to decorate a large Christmas tree. Instead, decorate your in-house regular plants with Christmas ornaments, lights and clippings.

  • Lighting

4b9fcb45990b670b1aa7e53498056f0ePicking colors strategically can really pay off. Use blue, red and green lights that will separate the landscaping from the facade. You can also use some old-fashioned Christmas lights with oversized bulbs — plus twinkling candles— and add some serious curb appeal.

  • Santa Chairs

Use these simple yet charming chair toppers to add some colour to your dining room. You can also tie a bow around your throw pillows, and they’ll look just like Christmas gifts!

  • Chalk it up

Welcome your guests at the party with chic chalkboard sign. You can also write some messages on these boards like Happy Holidays, Joy to the World, Merry Christmas, and so on.


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