Decorate Your Rental Apartment to Make It a ‘Home’

Even if you are living in a rental home, it doesn’t mean you cannot decorate it to make it look yours. Give your rental apartment a personalized touch that will create the feeling of being ‘at home’. Of course, it is not wise (and generally not allowed) to undertake major reconstructions at rental apartments, but there are some small ideas you can apply to make your rental house a ‘home’.

  • Revamp with drapery: Changing soft furnishings like curtains, cushions, rugs can give your apartment a personal touch. There are different types of curtains available in the market to choose from. Moreover, if the flooring is discolored or stained, lay a carpet or rug over it.

    Attractive drapery would simply change the scenario of your home.

    Attractive drapery would simply change the scenario of your home.

  • Become a minimalist: Rental homes are temporary addresses; so be patient and try not to buy too many things. A few essential pieces of furniture, choosing quality over quantity and de-cluttering the home regularly will make your home pleasant and welcoming, even though it is a rental property.
  • Spruce up the walls: No don’t worry about making holes in the wall. There are many alternatives like masking tapes, sticky hangers, wires that won’t damage the wall but decorate it. If you love DIY, try some handmade Décor.

    Bring nature in your home.

    Bring nature in your home.

  • Add greenery & Change the lighting: Terrariums are great ways to bring nature inside the home without blocking the space with huge and heavy plant containers. Changing old lighting and lamps will also give your home a fresh look.
  • Wallpaper Magic: This is the best option at your disposal to decorate your rental apartment without annoying the landlord. Wallpaper can really change the entire ambience of your home. Just choose the colors wisely that will compliment the ‘already existing’ furniture and other fixtures at your rental home. What’s more, you don’t have to worry about paint spills and splatters.

    Spend less, decorate more!

    Spend less, decorate more!

Whether owned or the rental one, a home is an important place indeed. Follow these simple techniques and create a space that will feel like a ‘home’ and not a rental property.


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