Create a Bathroom Retreat with These Tips

Planning to revamp your bathroom? Here are some amazing ideas to help you create a beautiful bath retreat.

  • Tiles: Bathroom tiles not only give your bathroom a refreshing look, but also keep it hygienic. Tiles keep your walls safe from moist and dampness. Use a combination of small and big sized tiles to create variations in the design. Choose a color that will not show the water stains and spots.2
  • Fixtures: Sink, faucets, showerheads, toilet seats, hand showers, geyser and every fixture in your bathroom contributes in creating a pleasant ambience.  Make sure that you choose high quality fixtures. There are different types of bathroom fixtures available in the market. Choose a design that will complement your bathroom’s ambience. Storage also plays a key role in keeping bathroom tidy. Create enough storage space with cabinets, cupboards and shelves.

    Think both, usability and beauty.

    Think both, usability and beauty.

Lights: strike a balance between bright and soothing lights in the bathroom. Lights in the bathroom should be bright enough to shave, put on makeup, and do other chore. There should also be some soothing lights that will create a relaxing ambience. These lights should be able to withstand a humid environment. Hidden lights in the bathroom are in trend these days. You can also install key lights over the mirror and above the shower.

  • 10Curtains: Take your bathroom décor to a new level with the bathroom curtains. Different types lace shower curtains, ruffled curtains, crystals curtains will create your dream bathroom without causing a fortune. Curtains in the bathroom have to withstand humidity, soapy water, hair sprays and many more. So choose the fabric, length and style of curtains wisely. While buying curtains, choose the ones which are easy to clean and dry quickly.
  • Electronic Gadgets and appliances: Installing a music player has become a common phenomenon these days.  Music can change the ambience of your bathroom instantly. Along with a music player, there is a wide range of electronic bathroom appliances available in the market to convert your bathroom into a high-tech thrilling zone.
  • 14

    If it is clean, it is awesome!

    Cleanliness and hygiene: No one likes messy and smelly bathroom.  No matter how beautiful curtains you have, and how elegant tiles are installed, if there is no hygiene maintained, your every morning will be miserable. Keep bathroom surface as dry as possible. Make sure your bathroom is properly ventilated. Toss empty shampoo bottles, toothpaste tubes and useless chunk immediately. Keep the sanitation supplies such as sanitizer, toilet papers, soaps, towels easily available. Installing bathroom fragrance dispenser will keep your bathroom smelling clean and fresh.


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