Pretty Festive Decoration Ideas for Your House

As Navratri has already started and Diwali is just a few days away, it is time to give your house a booster of festive decoration. Apart from typical rangoli, diya and wall hanging decoration, try something new this year, and wow your guests.


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Entrance Door: As door is the first thing that gets noticed whenever someone enters the house, it goes without saying that it is the highlights of any festive decoration. Ditch ordinary decorative elements, and hang a stunning flower door basket on your door. Try different types of flowers to create an eye-catching entrance door.

Windows: Make your windows look colourful and glittery with different colours of fairy lights. You can accentuate it further by using a combination of flowers and lights. Wrap the lights around marigold flower garland and hang it on your windows.

11Living area: Create a fabulous centerpiece for your living room with some lights and transparent jar. Take up colourful fairy lights and roll them in a jar or vintage lantern, and place it on the tabletop or any place you want to accentuate. You can also wrap these lights around empty birdcage or put them in a fish bowl.

Personalized gift box: Exchanging gifts and sweets during festive season is very common trend. Creating personalized gifts could be a tiresome job. So, gift boxes are the best way to use your creativity. You can personalize the boxes by adding bright color lace or creating a star on it using variegated paper.



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