Make Your Work Desk Lively With These Plants

Are you stuck in a gray, gloomy cubicle when the nature is blooming just outside the office door? How about bringing in some greenery that is easy to maintain and will improve your mood?

Check out our list our list of five low-maintenance office plants that will cheer-up your desk.

  • Fishtail Fern51RXQJWeYRL

It is an evergreen plant that needs very little sunlight. Being an evergreen plant, it will keep its leaves throughout the year. Its pinnae (leaflets) tips are forked like a fish’s tail giving an unusual appearance.



    • Peace lily: Apart from increasing your desk’s aesthetic appeal, this plant also enhances the indoor air quality. These plants need little or no sunlight. Also, you will have to water them just once or twice in a week.
    • Aloe veraThis is an easy-to-grow plant that requires mild sunlight and slightly moist soil. This plant grows effortlessly in Indian weather conditions. You just need to keep this plant in windowsill for some time every day.

Lucky bamboo

  •  Grape Ivy

Low light, dry air and minimal watering is what this plant needs to thrive. This beautiful addition to your office-desk is also a great air-purifier.

  • Bamboo plant

Once potted correctly with satisfactory drainage, this plant will grow really well. The ideal place for this plant is where it will get indirect sunlight and will be away from air conditioners and heating sources. This is also considered as lucky plant.



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