5 Brilliant Ways to Brighten-up Your Home in Monsoon

Yes, monsoon is all about getting drenched under waterfalls, spending lazy afternoons sitting in the window, and having ubiquitous pakoras with a hot cup of tea. But, along with this fun, monsoon also brings dull, grey weather, cloudy days and gloomy ambience. Here are 5 brilliant ways to burst the monsoon gloom and keep your home monsoon-friendly.


Add some green plants: Nothing can bring more liveliness in a house than vibrant green plants. Generally, all types of Indian plants grow faster and bloom in monsoon. Add some greenery in your home to instantly lift up the aura & mood.

Bright and colourful upholstery: It’s time to roll up your expensive carpet, curtains and other upholstery at home. Go for colourful and trendy items that are easy to clean and enhance the look. Pick colourful cushions in a mixture of solids and patterns for your sofa. Leaf green, aqua, turquoise,
fresh-curtain-combined-in-living-roomsunflower yellow are some recommended colours to liven up your home.

Scented candles: Sometimes a damp weather leads to foul moist smell at home that is tad difficult to remove. Keep some fragranced candles handy and light them when that foul smell is hard to ignore.


Let your home breath: Lack of ventilation results in dampness. Open your windows when rain takes a break. Ensure your doormat is at the place to avoid those muddy footprints. Let your home wear fabrics that are quick to wash and dry.

home-design-lighting-ideasProper lighting: Wipe out darkness with proper lighting. It can make a hell lot of difference in creating a lively and vibrant ambience. Make sure that the house is well-lit during prolonged rainy spells.


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