Bring the Outdoors in

Looking for easy-to-do ways to make your home green? Breathe life in your home with low maintenance jar garden. No, we aren’t talking about those conventional pots but a terrarium –a miniature indoor garden inside a glass container.

It is a self-sustainable ecosystem that mimics nature’s own life. Closed terrariums create a warm environment for your plants, allowing moisture to recycle providing a consistent level of humidity. The closed lid lets water recycle itself, organic substance to be reused as plant food, and helps it to maintain its humidity.

Here is a step-by-step guide to make your own self-sustaining mini garden with terrarium.

What material you will need?

  • Pebbles
  • Charcoal
  • Baby tear/ Starfish / Aquamarine plant (Select any moisture loving house plants or even grasses, ferns and miniature shrubs are also fine)
  • Soil


4– Take a glass container with lid and wash it thoroughly.

– Then spread some pebbles at the base of container. It will provide drainage to the terrarium.

–  Make the second layer of charcoal, and then make a thick soil bed over it.

–  Place the plant in container and spread soil over its roots.

–  You can also place some toys in the container to decorate it. Once done, close the lid tightly.

Create some more containers and keep them in your balcony and windows. You can even keep them on your study table, kitchen shelf, and also hang them with wires and save some place.


Do not over-water the terrarium. Condensation is a sign that your plants are brathing. However, if you are worried, leave the lid open for a while. When the right humidity is established, a closed terrarium can go a month or more without watering. So, even if you are on-the-move or do not have time to look after your plants, you can still bring the outdoors in and make your home greener.



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