Decoration ideas for compact homes!

You might be living in a small home, but you can still ‘think big’ when it comes to decorating it.

Here are some craziest ideas to keep your small home organized and make the most of every


1. Double use furniture:

Avoid those bulky furniture sets which eat up your already limited

space. Buy foldable furniture items offering multiple uses. No, it’s not only sofa-cum-

bed. There is a huge variety of furniture that can serve more than one purpose. Here are

some examples to get you inspired.


2. Do some ‘Jugaad’:

Don’t just think of the ground; you have walls and ceiling too. Ditch

your bedside table and use lights that hang from the wall. Install a wine rack in the

bathroom to store towels. Likewise, bakers rack in the kitchen will increase the storage

space without looking tacky. You can also use these racks for your plants.


3. Shelve your home:

Shelves make the most use of unclaimed walls and corners. A floor-

to-ceiling shelve will store your books, clothes, gift articles and much more. Shelves in

the kitchen not only clean the clutter but also give your kitchen a stylish look.


4. Keep minimalistic decorating:

Don’t make your home look like a museum with big art

pieces, sculptures, wooden art, etc. Keep minimal decorative items at home that will not

occupy space and complement your interior.

5. Clutter-free your home:

Give away all those things which you haven’t used since ages

(and probably won’t use for many years to come). No matter how big or small your home

is, if it’s laden with unwanted items, it will never look organized. Remove clutter

regularly to free-up the space.


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