Make your home Feng Shui friendly!

Feng Shui is an art of inviting positive energy, known as ‘Chi’, to promote prosperity, health and success in life. Following these simple rules will make your home Feng Shui friendly and lessen the impact of negative vibes.

  • Main entrance:


Feng Shui believes that a home absorbs energy through its main door. Therefore, make sure that there are no obstacles such as dust bin, dead plant and even footwear near the main door that will block the flow of energy. Your main door is ‘the Mouth of Chi’. So, it has to be strong, well maintained and attractive.

  • Living room:


Keep your living room clean and clutter-free. According to Feng Shui, unwanted, broken and rusty items in the living room hinder your success. Try to make use of sustainable materials such as bamboo, natural fiber and cork in the living room.

  • Kitchen: 


As kitchen represents the element of fire, it has utmost importance in Feng Shui. Your kitchen has to be airy, clean and tidy. Avoid overloading it with unwanted utensils and barely needed appliances. Do not leave un-cleaned utensils in the sink overnight. Keep aromatic herbs or fresh flower in the kitchen to uplift the energy.

  • Bedroom:


A good Feng Shui bedroom gives you peace, serenity and a good night sleep. Keep your bed clean and change the bed sheet, pillow covers, and blankets regularly. Feng Shui suggests not keeping distracting elements such as TV, exercise equipments, electronic appliances and even plants in the bedroom. Open the windows of your bedroom often to get the fresh air and natural light. Use soothing colors to decorate your bedroom.

  • Bathroom:

4 (1)

Feng Shui emphasizes on the use of big mirror in the bathroom as it circulates the energy. Always close the toilet lid after use. You can hang a crystal from ceiling of bathroom as it is believed to avert draining of positive energy and loss of wealth.


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