Top 10 home improvement tips!

Looking for some budget-friendly home improvement ideas that will make your home look tidy

and attractive along with increasing its value? Here are top ten tips to get you started.

1.      Inspection: Before planning any renovation, inspect your home thoroughly. You may

discover several hidden problems that you don’t see normally. You might see that the handle of

your wardrobe is broken, the drain pipe of a sink leaks, and there are damp patches on the

external walls. Fixing these problems will not cost huge money, but it will surely beautify your

home and increase its values.

2.      Painting: Just a coat of paint can give your home all new refreshing look. Painting home

also makes it look neat and tidy. Choose the colors wisely that will create a pleasant ambience at

home. Keep checking our blog to get more ideas on which color to choose for your home and why.FreshCoatPaint

3.      Kitchen remodeling: Kitchen is the king area of home. Check electronic appliances, utensils

and furniture fixed in the kitchen. Discard broken and stained utensils. Keep an eye on the festive

offers to exchange outdated kitchen appliances for new ones.

woman doing chores cleaning bathroom at home

4.      Front Door: If home is a book, front door is the cover page. Make sure it is well maintained

and attractive. There are several types of main doors available in the market. However, if you do

not wish to replace your door, make the existing one attractive.  Clean the dirt spots on it, give a

fresh coat of paint, and change old mailbox and doorbell. Mount a swanky nameplate, so your

door will look more decorative and welcoming.


5.      Bathroom makeover: High levels of humidity and moisture in the bathroom make it

inevitable to have good ventilation solutions like exhaust fan, dryer vent, tickle vents, etc.

Replace chipped tiles, fix leaky shower and taps, and refinish a dingy tub.


6.      Furniture: If you do not wish to replace entire furniture and spend fortune on it, just change

the laminate sheets and upholstery like bedding, cushion covers, duvet and sofa covers to give

your furniture a new look. It will save money and improve aesthetic appeal of your home.

7.      Drapes and curtains: Any room looks pleasant and attractive if the drapes and curtains are

clean and neat. Change any torn and dirty drapes and curtains. Make sure that you clean

upholstery, curtains and drapes regularly to preserve their newlines.

8.      Plumbing and wiring: Faulty wiring and leakages not only decrease the value of a home,

but also lead to major discomfort for people living in it. Replace the old electronic wires, panel

boards and leaky pipes to make your home safe.

9.      Energy audit: Even if you use energy-saving electronic appliances, switch off the lights

when going out and don’t keep your mobile on charging overnight, energy efficiency audit of

your home is always important. It will slash your energy bills and make your home ‘shock


10.  Creative use of lights: Clever and creative lighting can bring a dramatic change in the look

of your home. Use energy efficient bulbs and lights available in the market and brighten-up your

home, garden area, parking space and entrance to give your home a welcoming and charming


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