How to tell if you will love your new neighborhood?

You have done a thorough research about the house you are planning to buy. It seems a perfect home to you. The price is great; the home is equipped with all the amenities and matches all the criteria you had in your wish list. You just cannot wait to move into it and start living there. It seems so exciting, isn’t it? But, hang on! Have you checked the surrounding of your home? Are you sure that the neighborhood will be as pleasant as the home itself? Do you think that you can enjoy living there for years? It is better to have answers of these questions before making a final offer.

A neighborhood can make a huge difference in determining whether or not you will love your new home. As a Russian proverb says, ‘you should not buy a home but the neighborhood’. Here are some valuable tips to effectively research your potential neighborhood and know whether it is an ideal area for you to buy a home.

  • Take a tour:

    You might have visited your new home several times, but now it’s time to tour the neighborhood. Drive through the lanes of nearby area and look at the schools, businesses, homes and shops. If you connect yourself with the environment, you will love living there. However, make sure that you visit the neighborhood in a day and night, and during weekdays and weekends too for a clear picture.

  • Talk to the neighbors:


    Talking to your potential neighbors is the best way to understand your neighborhood. Try to find whether they have any problem with the locality? What is their opinion about the neighborhood? What are their good and bad experiences about the people around? Even if you are not able to strike up the conversation, their warming smiles, waving back to your hello, the gesture will tell you a lot about them.

  • Look at the schools:

Good schools are an indicator of a good neighborhood. If the locality has reputed schools, it increases the price of your property, as well. Even if you don’t have kids or not planning to have any, make sure that your neighborhood has reputed schools.

  • Use six degrees separation theory:


Sounds strange? But it’s not. Let us explain…the theory of six degrees separation says that anyone on the planet can be connected to anyone through acquaintances. In your case, it’s just about connecting with someone from the same neighborhood. So, why to worry?

Use your networking to find someone who resides in the area you are planning to shift into. Ask your friends, relatives, acquaintances, colleagues if they know anyone who resides in your proposed neighborhood. After all what are friends for? Shout out on the FB, twitter and other social networking sites. You will surely be amazed of the responses you will receive. Use this theory to connect with people from the new neighborhood, and you will get detailed and authentic information about your proposed location.

  • Visualize yourself living there:

Everyone has their own definition of a ‘perfect neighborhood’. So, before moving in, visualize yourself living in your potential neighborhood. Ask yourself will you fit in the surrounding comfortably? Will you enjoy the company of neighbors? Do you get positive vibes while driving through the area?  Replacing the outdated furniture or haywire kitchen appliances is easy, but changing the neighborhood is something beyond your capacity. So, do an extensive homework about the neighborhood to ensure that you are really buying a home of your dreams.


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